Modern Diagnostic Center provides a comprehensive menu of laboratory tests which is designed to meet the needs of our patients. The laboratory is run by a team of skilled professionals using modern technology with a commitment to continuous quality improvement that ensures the accuracy and reliability of our results. Our comprehensive pathology menu involves:

  • General / Basic Diagnostics
  • Serology
  • Cyto/Histopathology
  • Hematology
Special Chemistry

Special chemistry testing utilizes variety of methodologies and advanced equipments for hormone assays, serum tumor markers , hepatitis tests, QuantiFERoN, Infectious Diseases, autoimmune serology and immuno suppressive drug measurements.


Serological tests are methods that refer to the diagnostic identification of antibodies in the serum. They also help us to diagnose autoimmune illnesses. Several methods including ELISA, agglutination, precipitation, complement-fixation and fluorescent antibodies are used for serological investigation.


Hematological tests involve tests of blood and its components. They can evaluate variety of blood conditions like anemia, leukemia, clotting disorders and many other. CBC, ESR , PT , APTT, D.Dimer etc are some of main hematological tests performed by our Prestigious center.


Histopathology refers to microscopic examination of tissues in order to study manifestation of disease. It involves preperation of histology slides which involves five basic stages:
Fixing, processing embedding, sectioning and staining. Microscopic examination of these slides are most integral part of process.


Chemical Pathology or Clinical Biochemistry involved the investigation of body fluids such as Blood, Urine and Cerebrospinal fluid. Qualified Pathologists and trained Technologists plays key role in diagnosing and monitoring patients with variety of diseases.

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